Climbing Holidays in Briancon

Recently I went for a week to the area around Briancon for climbing holidays. We also took the bike and the running shoes with us, but the most important thing was climbing.

On our rest day I tried wind surfing for the first time in my life. I have to admit, is was lots of fun and certainly not for the last time.

We came to Briancon via pass Galibier and decided to visit Entraygues first. Had a left over 6c from last year and also wanted to try the 7b there.

Beeing an area for hard mover, Entraygues has not so many routes in my grade. Most of the climbing there starts at 7b+/7c and goes up to 9a. But I like the wonderful view as well as the possibility to sleep on a big lawn and most of all to climb on gneissic rock.

Unfortunately I became ill on my last day of the holidays, so I have a wonderful 7a+ (Le fléau alpin) left over to send it on my next visit hopefully, as I fell off on the last move this time.

For one day we visited Mont Dauphin Fort, but it was much to hot down there. Mont Dauphin is conglomerate rock. Lots of big and small pepples, long routes, endurance climbing. Best thing to do on the fourth day of climbing in series. The climbing is much different from my home area Frankenjura, but that makes it so interesting.

After having a rest day with wind surfing on Lac de Serre-Poncon near Embrun, we went back to Entraygues again, where I had the one last try on the 7a+ before I became ill (as I mentioned already).

Now back in Frankenjura, having lots of endurance, but not beeing used to steep climbing anymore  😉