Winter Impressions…Fog and Snow

The recent two month I was waiting for snow. It finally came, but in the alps unfortunately not enough for backcountry skiing and in Frankenjura it did not last longer than 3 weeks. Now its nearly all gone.

Between Christmas and new year I had the chance to make some nice pics of a foggy and later quite sunny winter morning in Frankonia.

The week before the 6th january it finally started snowing in Frankonia as well as in the alps. Already back at work from Christmas holidays I took the chance of the holiday on 6th january to have a one day skiing trip to the Brauneck, Lenggries. Oh and not to forget Arabella Brauneck Hotel where I had a nice accomodation with very friendly staff.

Two weeks ago than on a cold january weekend I took my camera drove down the B470 street in Frankonia, took some fotographs on my way and finally had a hike up to the remains of Neideck Castle. Quite cold after the sun went down…

Maybe in march I will get my backcountry skiing trip to the alps. Hope never dies 😉

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