Backcountry Skiing Tour “Wetterkreuz”

The weatherforecast for the northern alpes was good for the weekend and – most important – it was snowing on friday. Somewhat of “powderalert” in this year, that did not have too much snow so far. So I decided spontanously to have a one days trip to Austria (Sellraintal in Tyrol) to do the “Wetterkreuz”- tour.


I arrived an friday night and it was still snowing. For this one night I decided to sleep in my Volkswagen Van, that fortunately has a park heating.

After a -17 °C cold night I got up to have some breakfast and tea and first of all I had to heat up the ethyl alcohol, that refused to burn at that temperatures. Finally it worked and I got my tea.


At 7.30 am I started the tour finally. After half an hour I reached “Obere Iss Alm” and had a short break to get rid of some clothing. Exept for my fingers I was getting warm now.


But after I got higher and reached the sunnier places also my fingers where unfreezing. It took me 3.5 hours to reach the top of “Wetterkreuz”.


The downhill was quite good in the middle, with fresh and soft snow. At the very top it was hard and icy and at the end through the forest it was hard and icy as well and also stony. But for the most part it was a good powder run.


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